Who we are

All the products and services presented in our website are the result of the effort that our young people put into the work they carry out in various training sectors in which they discover their talents and hone their skills and abilities, which is essential in helping them find a job once they leave the community.
Every purchase you make from Spazio Sanpa is a gesture of solidarity towards the community, which has been welcoming people with problems related to drug addiction for over thirty years, free of charge.
San Patrignano is the largest rehabilitation centre in Europe, and at present it is home to 1.300 young people.
Since 1978, the community has welcomed over 25.000 people from various nations without any financial contribution from the families or the state, offering them a home, health and legal assistance, and the chance to study and acquire new working skills.
The funds that are necessary to keep our young people and the complex running partly come from the activities and goods and services produced by the community according to the principle of self-sufficiency, while other requirements are met by private donations and contributions.

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