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Tom was created in the San Patrignano dairy in 2010. It is a cheese made from our own full-fat cow’s milk. In the cheese-making, the milk is thermised to keep the aromas intact. It is a soft and slightly rubbery straw yellow cheese. There are some irregular holes. It is round in shape with a diameter of approx. 30 cm and is high (7-8 cm). Tom is matured on natural wooden shelves for approximately 30 days. It has an intense and delicate flavour, similar to yogurt and cream, and has the sweet lasting taste of non-sourish milk. Serve at a temperature between 12 and 16°C with a medium-bodied and strength white wine with slight aromas.


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Net weight: approx. 4 kg
Number of pcs. per box: 2
Shelf life: 6 months

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