Textile lab

The textile lab of San Patrignano

For over thirty years at San Patrignano, manual loom weaving and artisan leather working traditions have benne handed down. San Patrignano’s decision to keep alive ancient manufacturing techniques corresponds in full to the virtuous history of made in Italy. From the many decades of experience come fabrics for making furnishings, clothes and accessories. A path of growth perfected over the years and supported by collaboration with major companies, including Zegna.

Tradition and research

All the textile products of the San Patrignano Design Lab are made to last and express culture and know-how. On the backdrop of ongoing aesthetic research, without ever losing sight of quality. The tradition is enriched with a great deal of research on materials and finishes to create collections of fabrics, accessories and home. The textile lab can count on a range of instruments of different measurements. Five x 1.5 metre manual looms, one 2-metre loom and 2 x 3-metre looms. The max operating potential for each loom is 26 healds

The working techniques

The loom
The manual weaving process provides extreme potential as regards different gram weights, types of yarns and original materials. From the loom come top-quality fabrics which, once treated, give life to collection and single products.
The tailoring sector in the textile lab allows the creation of bags and accessories for the home and personal care, machine-stitched and embellished with hand-made details.
The weaving waste materials and sample ranges of a number of Italian textile firms reach the tailoring department to be creatively transformed into patchwork blankets double and single, shawls and bags that became one-of-a-kind and original pieces. The philosophy called “upcycling” contributes to environmental sustainability, extending the life cycle of the fabrics thanks to craft skills.
Needles and crochet
The workings crocheted and knitted complete the anthology of skills in the textile lab of San Patrignano. Small works to improve other working with crochet borders or real unique, crocheted and sewn entirely by hand.

Our collections

The fabrics
Fabrics made manually on looms go from the most noble fibres such as cashmere right up to natural fibres such as linen, cotton and silk. The manual weaving process provides extreme potential as regards different gram weights, types of yarns and original materials. A large archive of motifs is still carefully guarded in the Lab and is at the disposal of customers for reference.
The home collection proposed by San Patrignano Design Lab includes pillows, throws, bedspreads and towels, all of which can be personalized in terms of manufacture, finish and measurements.
Shawls and accessories
Shawls and scarves are one of the distinctive elements of the production of weaving. Each piece, unique and inimitable, is part of an eclectic collection from sartorial taste, where noble materials are mixed in modern shapes and features. Craft-working skills are also used to make bags, dialoguing with the world of leather and trimmings.

Work with us

Among the different paths open to the textile lab is collaboration with brands and stylists for the production of shawls, scarves, home accessories and personalized fabrics. Collaboration develops starting with extensive research into raw materials, finishes and designs to be presented to the customer. Hand looms permit weaving any type of material with the possibility of ordering small quantities. The research department inside the lab accepts ad hoc project proposals of designers and architects for textile installations and experiments.

Colors inspired by landscapes and material suggestions of the Aboriginal Australian outback make up the tableaux series made by handloom workshop in San Patrignano, under the guidance of the knitwear expert Nicola Miller. These artworks were showcased at Pitti Immagine Filati, July 2014, in Florence.

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