SunPatiens® Compact Red

Variety : SunPatiens® Compact Red - Now recognized by the market as one of the best plants for flower beds in full sun or shade. Excellent tolerance to rain and cold. Fast to rebuild itself after the hail: SunPatiens is a super plant for gardens throughout Italy. For the farmer: it is fast to grow; requires little heat; has a long period of use.
The series evolves into three large groups:
Sunpatiens vigorous: the original series suitable for parks and blooms of a large size.
Sunpatiens compact: plants a little smaller in the garden, but easier to manage in a vase. Adapt better and, when properly cultivated, provide a presentation of a high quality for sale .
Sunpatiens spreading: plants are more open or round that fit well in baskets. When in the garden behave like SunPatiens compact.
Behaviour : Set, piping (botany)

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