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The winery of San Patrignano is surrounded by 110 hectares of vineyard. Above all thanks to the commitment and dedication of 1400 residents who live on this land, San Patrignano as well as being a winery is also a community of recovery.

The opening of the bottle immediately emanates intense aromas, fruity and floral: of apple, lemon skin, orange flowers, acacia, jasmine.
The taste confirms the nose sensations and adds a pleasant note of peach and kiwi.
The palate is not opulent but fine and elegant.

Perfect as an aperitif and combined with a wide range of dishes, from fish, raw meats, fresh cheeses semi-cured, or even risotto with parmesan and zucchini.


Serve more than just wine.

€ 9,00


Materie prime

Production area: Coriano (Rimini)
Classification: Sparkling wine, Brut
Type: Sangiovese.
Year of harvest:
Vineyards: The vineyards have a surface area of 50 hectares and are cultivated with organic method. The soil is calcareous-clay, fertile and with a good amount of organic matter.
Vinification: The grapes are picked about 2 weeks before the traditional harvest time of Sangiovese and are strictly vinified in white to avoid the extraction of the color and the tannins from the skin. Because of this vinification, the wine maintains its natural floral and fruity characteristic, without showing the fullness and structure that this grape reveals when vinified in red.
Ageing: The taking on of the sparkle is done in temperature control stainless steel tanks in which the wine remains on its own yeast and mature for at least 6 months
Alcohol content: 12%
Capacity: 0,75 l.
Serving temperature: 8 - 10° C

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