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Formaggi freschi

A soft and spreadable cheese, its name hails from the dialect of Romagna(“”squacquaron””). It is made all year round and is best served on a local piadina, an ancient bread substitute, with rocket, its perfect companion. Its freshness and milk aroma are outstanding and it is sweet and slightly sour when tasted. If the cheese is served as a starter, a young and full-bodied white wine is the perfect match, which mustn’t overpower the sweet and harmonious flavour of the cheese. If the squacquerone is used as an ingredient to make a dessert, we suggest a wine like Albana di Romagna Dolce. It can be used to fill fresh egg pasta, especially alongside vegetables or to enrich piadina, with crisp salads and rocket. Squacquerone can also be served as a dessert, adding cane sugar and rum to the cheese or combining it with caramelised figs.


Tagli, modelli, pesi e quantità

Net weight: approx. 700 g or 300 g
Numberof pcs. per box: 4 weighing 700 g each or 6 weighing 300 g each
Shelf life: 11 days

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