The Restaurant Vite

The guys of San Patrignano

We came here when we thought there was no hope for us. By coming here we have found a new home, a new family, the courage to start again and to find our future. The dream for many of us is to become chefs, and to learn this craft in the best possible way. Fabio Rossi and his love for the kitchen are with us. The Restaurant Vite is a great opportunity to show you our passion and expertise. We are proud to present you who we are and what we can do.

The Restaurant Vite

For this special place we’ve chosen the name Vite, that means Life in Italian and also it is the name of the plant that covers the hills of San Patrignano. Lives like the lives that represent the center of the educational proposal of the Community. We were marginalized and now we have found enthusiasm, passion and willingness to change. Today, the Restaurant Vite has chosen to reinvent itself , with all ingredients produced in San Patrignano and training opportunities not only for guys in the Community, but for anyone who wants to approach the world of food.

Quality at the right price

The food and wine made in Sanpa are always at the center of the proposals of Vite, which presents a menu completely renovated in quality, at an affordable price. Next to us there is a great chef as Fabio Rossi, a symbol of continuity for those who have enjoyed the cuisine of the Vite in recent years. We are delighted to present our new proposals, which includes 3 different tasting menu.

Where we are

The Restaurant Vite is at Cerasolo , a fraction of Coriano , easily reachable from the highway that connects Rimini and San Marino. For people coming from all over Italy take the A14 (Bologna - Ancona ) and exit at Rimini South. Take the highway towards San Marino and continue for approximately 7 km following the signs for Cerasolo . Turn left towards San Patrignano/Ospedaletto , and continue on the road. You will find the restaurant on your right.

Restaurant Vite
Via Montepirolo 7
47852 Cerasolo (RN )
Tel 0541 759138
[email protected]


Winter menu 2013-2014
Tortino fondente di pecorino, zucca grigliata al cumino, marmellata di rape rosse, crakers al rosmarinoTortelli di farina di castagne, ripieni d'agnello, crema di broccoli, pecorinoTorta Squacquerone, fichi caramellati, frolla al cacaoTagliolini di grano spezzato, funghi porcini, fagioli cannellini, crema di formaggio di  Grotta, porri frittiSpaghetti alla chitarra di Mancini, con polpa di granciporro, piccole verdure e lemon grassMillefoglie con crema all'amaretto e kakiL'uovo con crema di patate, cuore di carciofo fritto, tartufo nero e croccante di parmigianoBranzino cotto sui carboni, erbe di campo alla crema, salsa al Porto rosso e scalogno
Restaurant Vite
San Patrignano. Ristorante Vite. Esterno. Panoramica.San Patrignano. Ristorante Vite. Esterno. Panoramica.

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