Poinsettia Primero Red

Leaves: dark green
Coltivation:easy, undemanding variety, branching well even in high temperatures. Is not subject to breakage of the branches themselves if enlarged at the right time (never too early, the leaves need to overlap 2-3 cm).
Retardent: medium.
Growth: medium-strong. Very regular during the whole growth period. Upright form ("V" if enlarged at the right time), easy to bag without breaking the branches.
Ramification: excellent, with branches all at the same height. Branches very robust and very resistant to breakage. (Avoid too much potassium in early coltivation and enlarge the plants at the right time to increase resistance).
Precocity: reaction time is 8 weeks.
Temperature: during storage you can lower the temperature gradually to 17 ° C if the color is already intense red. This way you can save energy and the flower is preserved better.

Poinsettia Jubilee Red

Color: vivacce red, slightly dark, with a great contrast to the very dark foliage and large yellow ciazi.
Leaves: very dark green.
Coltivation: easy with a good branching. It is advisable to prune the plants "soft", meaning removing the tip as soon as possible. As the variety has a natural growth "V" is not necessary to have to expand several times, but you can put the pots wide from beginning of the coltivation.
Retardent: little need.
Growth: natural "V", sturdy branches without breakage problems.
Ramification: has a good branching.
Precocity: 7.5 weeks of bloom
Temperature: 18 ° C during cultivation / 16 ° C during the phase of induction (wk. 38-40) / 16 ° C in the storage phase.

Poinsettia Polar Bear

Features: erect Plant height: 30 cm, Width: 40 cm, reduced vessel possible, suitable for full sun, needs prunning.
Color: the best white variety that exists in the market today.
Growth: average vigorous, very homogeneous.
Ramification: good branching "V".
Precocity: 7.5 weeks of blooming
Vase:ideal for all sizes from 6 cm to 16 cm pot.
Retardent: little need for retardant.
Bracts: excellent resistance bracts.

Poinsettia Saturnus Marble

Foglia: verde scura.
Color: bright red, with no shades of blue or silver. Pink and white.
Coltivation: easy, undemanding. Branching good, but always be careful in the first stage of prunning. Do not grow too large. Flowering is medium / early. When the bracts are ready we recommend lowering the temperature to 16 ° C (late November / early December). The cold preserves and the color, which remains beautifully intense.
Retardent: not necessary. CCC can reduce the size of the bract.
Growth: normal.
RamificationeSaturnus has good branching and recommend a dense early prunning during early cultivation, especially for large pots
Precocity: 8.5 weeks of blooming

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