Pentas Graffiti Mix

Variety : Graffiti Mix - Excellent plant for the summer. It blooms in full sun with bright colors. For the correct cultivation it requires a condition of Ph between neutral and sub-alkaline (pH 7- 7.5). Growing in pots from 12-14cm. Now also available in separate colors for better management of the quality of the plant.
Behaviuor : annual
Family - Origin : Rubiaceae Africa, tropical Arabia
Transplanting : in pots from 9 cm and up.
Temperature : 18 - 20 °C.
Substrate : Humus-rich, well-drained
Nutrition : weekly administration of a fertilizer complex at 0,10,2 % pH 5,56,5.
Use : as a flowering plant in pots and plant beds where the temperature permits. Potted plant typical of summer elegant and delicate. The dark and glossy leaves surrounds well the umbrella of brightly colored flowers.

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