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Formaggi stagionati

The milk from the milkings is curdled at approximately 35°C with the addition of curd. The curd is then squeezed and poured into moulds, then salted. For the maturation, the rounds are placed on pear, apricot, arbutus and sorbus wood shelves. It is cylindrical in shape with flat, straight sides. The cheese has a high fat content and is crumbly and compact. It has a few small holes. Given the intense and lasting flavour, the ideal companion is a wine that is equally intensely flavoured, long-lasting and well-structured. A Sangiovese refined in large barrels would be a perfect match.


Tagli, modelli, pesi e quantità

Shelf life: 9 months
Net weight: 2 kg
Number of pcs. per box: 6

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