Parisian Balcony Imperial

Vase: 10 to 14 cm pot, plant from early January to early March for a flowering from late March onwards, 14+ cm pot, plant from early December to late January. Basket of 25 cm with 3 plants, plant from early November until the end of December for a flowering late March.
Soil: recommend a soil with clay, indicated pH 5-6.
Prunning: prune 1-2 weeks after planting, large plants could require a second trimming
Light: shade at the beginning, then full sun.
Irrigation: water regulare moderatly, try not to let the roots dry out.
Fertilizer: very demanding, fertilizeonly when the roots are well-formed (ab. 3 weeks.) fertilize 0.2-0.3% (2-3 g / liter) per week with a balanced fertilizer.

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