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The winery of San Patrignano is surrounded by 110 hectares of vineyard. Above all thanks to the commitment and dedication of 1400 residents who live on this land, San Patrignano as well as being a winery is also a community of recovery.

Soft ruby color typical of Sangiovese.

The nose is large, warm and enveloping with references olfactory currant of raspberry and plums, which give way to aromas of leather and licorice and hints of underbrush.
The palate reveals freshness and elegance, a well balanced tannin with fruitful aromas, helped by large barrels ageing.Ora can be paired with various courses of Romagna’s traditional cuisine: tagliatelle with meat sauce, cheese from sheep and goat's milk and seasoned and roasted meats grilled.

Sangiovese di Romagna Superiore



Serve more than just wine.

€ 10,00


Materie prime

Production area: Coriano (Rimini)
Classification: DOC Sangiovese di Romagna Superiore
Type: Sangiovese
Vineyards: 5 hectare of Sangiovese vines, helped by a organic farming conduction made possible to obtain grapes of excellent quality and character.
Vinification: Maceration on the skins with regular pump-over enhances varietals characteristic. Malolactic fermentation.
Ageing: In large oak barrels for 12 months. Further bottle ageing before sale.
Alcohol content: 13.5%
Capacity: 0,75 l.
Serving temperature: 16 - 18 ° C

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