Olive oil

Our extra virgin olive oil comes from fields in the hills of Rimini and Cecina in Tuscany. The olive harvest is done entirely by hand, followed by pressing within four hours of harvesting to ensure quality and aroma.


The activities take place in the olive-growing land in the hills of Rimini within the community of San Patrignano and the estate of Cecina in Tuscany.
To cure these olive trees are just the guys in the community who follow the plants throughout the period of the year and has so much care and commitment that come our two labels: the Paratino and EVO, both unfiltered extra virgin olive oils.
The common characteristic of these two great products is the hand stripping done on several occasions followed by a crushing continuous cycle with the next natural settling. The olives are pressed within 4 hours of collection to ensure integrity of flavors, tastes, colors and maintain a very low level of acidity, giving life to these two excellent extra virgin olive oils.

Give your dishes that special touch.

Olive oil

Extra-virgin olive oil produced by the Community.

Olive oil

Extra-virgin olive oil il Paratino produced in Cecina, in Tuscany.

€ 10,50

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