Mora's Salame

Salumi di Mora Romagnola

The intensity of its aromas comes from the selection of the best trimmings of cured ham, loin and pancetta. Chopped and fat and nerves removed, the meat is seasoned with salt, pepper, garlic and Sangiovese wine. Lardons taken from the best lard are then added. This mixture is used to fill natural
intestines, which are fairly large and long. It is left in the cellar to cure for at least a couple of months. It has a refined, almost sweet flavour and the aromas heighten according to the length of the curing. Cured for about 2-3 months.


Raw materials

Origin: Mora Romagnola pig breed or “Brinato” pig breed, a crossbreed between Mora Romagnola and Large White

Tagli, modelli, pesi e quantità

Shelf life: 3 months
Net weight: approx. 900g
Number of pcs. per box: 1

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