Graphic agency

Graphics agency

Agenzia Grafica

In over 30 years of activity, the San Patrignano Graphics agency has consistently pursued objectives of growth and development, offering its customers a full-cycle production process.
The current structure allows the delivery of highly integrated service, from graphic design to the final printing of books, leaflets and brochures, posters, business cards, envelopes, letterhead and wedding announcements..

Trademarks and logos

We support the customer in search of a distinctive graphic sign that distinguishes their company or its products and services. The goal is to add strength to the customers identity in front of their public and audience.

Photo editing

Processing and editing of images, design of vector illustrations (icons, logos and drawings), creation of corporate identity (logos, letterheads, custom envelopes, business cards), for catalogs and websites.

Booklets and brochures

We are able to design and implement informative brochures and advertising that illustrate the characteristics of a company or a particular product or service. In our hands is the best example of your image on paper.


Creativity, enthusiasm and professionalism, are the fundamental basics of our program, we are available for consultation, planning or executive work. The graphics department is Able to support customers who need technical support-for Their Own creative projects.


Our agency in Additions to the graphic design Provides a service of letterpress and digital printing paying Particular attention to the technical aspects and the final quality. We Can Able to find the best solutions to your work with fast, convenient and personalized quotes.


In our workshop we study the elements and materials to be used in packaging a product. The goal is to make it attractive blackberries, recognizable and easy to transport and use.

Web solutions

Web solution

Web design

The web area was added in the late '90s as a study in the designing of websites with dynamic content. Specialists systems and database programming alongside the graphics in delivering "web based" solutions .

Redesigning existing sites

Restyling and redesign, updates and the creation of new sections, improving the structure and airworthiness, improving the functionality of the site for the achievement of objectives.

Custom sites

The realization of a website requires care, competence and dialogue with the customer, who often do not know the potential of a well designed and artistic website.

Portfolio Web:

Design and Print

The graphic agency supports the customer in search of a graphic sign that distinguishes the company or the product.
The workshop is able to design and implement information and advertising brochures to posters and billboards,
with a particular care in the choice of materials and color proofing to be used. Digital printing is available for small and large formats on forex, PVC, TNT and other materials.
Finally the packaging department takes care of all the manual operations for the finishing of the product.

Digital Printing

We can find the best solutions for your work with fast, convenient and personalized quotes.

Offset Printing

We work in offset printing. Rely on us to design the printing of your business cards and letterheads.

Booklets and brochures

print and produces brochures, company catalogs and magazines for every need or sector.

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