Extra-virgin olive oil il Paratino


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Produced in Cecina, in Tuscany, on the estate bearing the same name, from precious Maurino Lucchese, Moraiolo and Frantoio varieties Olives gathered by hand on more than one occasion, continuous cycle crushing, followed by natural decanting, storage in
small, nitrogen-pressurised stainless steel vats. Golden yellow with emerald green highlights. It has a fruity, light olive aroma that does not linger, with hints of medicinal herbs, thistle, celery and tomato leaves. It has a rounded flavour, a well-structured oil, with a piquant base note that is bitter and slightly intense, with hints of artichoke, rosemary and chilli pepper that balance the body and length. It has a sweet aftertaste. It goes well with puréed broad beans and chicory, black leaf kale and bean soup, beef carpaccio and rare T-bone steak.


Raw materials

Shelf life: 18 months
Net weight: 500 ml
Number of pcs. per box: 6

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