Design Lab

  • Structure in lead oak. Front panels in cord Film. Internal structure in natural red cedar.

  • Matt ivory lacquered structure. Gold Pollock doors.

  • Table with painted metal structure and plate fitted into the lower part of the top. Top thickness 5 cm, in natural oak or American walnut finish treated with oil.

  • Freestanding bookcase with shelves thickness 5 cm, in natural oak or American walnut finish treated with oil. Vertical structural elements with T-section in painted metal. Available in versions with three, four, five or six shelves.

  • Table with structure in satin-finished steel. Top finished in dark brown New Film.

  • Matt lead lacquered structure. Doors in silver New Film.

  • Carlo Colombo and Poltrona Frau together for San Patrignano. The inventiveness of the designer meets an iconic sitting as the "Vanity Fair". The result is a limited edition of seats decorated with an original cover created by the designer exclusive. Colorful seams wrap the chair like a precious and light web.

Design Lab

I Love quality

The high quality and patience that are demanded by the arts and crafts help the young people of San Patrignano to rediscover the values of time and beauty. The products created in the arts and crafts training labs such as carpentry, decoration, and weaving are the result of a continuous desire to keep up to date, sustained by new projects and courses to perfect acquired skills. All of which creates a veritable arts and crafts centre that expresses its character and elegance through manual labour. Prototypes are created, objects are designed, and the concept of personalisation is seen in a new light. All the work is carried out with a spirit that seeks a deeper meaning in objects of beauty, which lends dignity and value to the labour required to produce them.

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