Cow’s Milk Ricotta


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Formaggi freschi

Ricotta is, by far, the most popular milk by-product in our region. It is soft, spreadable and slightly grainy. A percentage of milk is added to enhance the properties, which heightens the creaminess. Our ricotta is therefore creamy and slightly sweetish. It can be eaten as it is or seasoned with salt and extra-virgin olive oil or sugar. It is also used as an ingredient in more complex dishes. Due to the properties of our ricotta (its creaminess, slight sweetness and grassy hints), it is best served with a wine that is equally delicate, young, velvety and which has a bouquet of plant aromas. To be consumed fresh.


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Shelf life: 10 days • Net weight: 1.5 kg / Kg 0,300
Number of pcs. per box: 4 / 6

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