The cheeses are products of the dairy in San Patrignano. Made with traditional methods and with milk ZERO Km . From the chain completely handmade born our fresh cheeses, cured and semi totally GMO and no preservatives.

The CHEESES of San Patrignano are produced on site at our cheese factory and the milk comes straight from our farms, it is produced without any additives or preservatives .
Every day the guys, supported by experienced professionals, produce milk from many of our prized cattle and a strong focus on quality feed containing no-GMOs .
Every morning the milk is milked, collected and transported to the cheese factory located a few hundred meters from the stables, where it is processed.
Each cheese reveals pleasing scents and natural taste without the help of additives or preservatives , handmade in accordance with the health protocols and the "cold chain". All steps are constantly monitored in our laboratories equipped with the most modern equipment.
Production takes place in Coriano, near Rimini, maturing takes place up in the hills of Novafeltria in grottoes and in old wine oak barrels at the Community of Botticelli

The honey is the perfect match for cheese, that was already present in foods of the ancient Greeks.
Another important component that accompanies cheese very well is bread : in addition to large-sized breadsticks. If you want you can also prepare slices of toasted cooked in the oven and served warm.
Tasting different types of cheeses, serve it well before the dessert.
The marriage between cheese and wine is recognized and appreciated greatly, you can say that "It’s the best husband and wife combination”


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The milk from the milkings is curdled at approximately 35°C with the addition of curd.


Cru Pecorino is one of the most recent cheeses created in the San Patrignano dairy.

Wrapping cheese in hay is an old method to mature cheese in order to preserve it.

Wrapping cheeses in chestnut leaves is an old maturation method.

This cheese is matured in the marc of our Sangiovese Superiore Riserva “AVI” wine.

This Cheese is produced exclusively with the milk from our diary.

The milk – from two milkings – is curdled with direct enzyme culture and the addition of calf’s curd.

A cheese made from full-fat cow’s milk and sheep’s milk, both from our dairy.

Cheese matured in pits is undoubtedly one of the most typical pecorino cheeses from Romagna.

“Cave” cheese is born in 2004 in the San Patrignano dairy factory.

San Patrignano “Square” is a soft cheese made from full-fat goat’s milk only.

Mucchino was created in San Patrignano in 2004 from our dairy’s milk.

Cheese made from cow’s milk only.

Pasteurised cow’s milk, soft and rindless cheese.

A soft and spreadable cheese, its name hails from the dialect of Romagna(“”squacquaron””).

Ricotta is, by far, the most popular milk by-product in our region.

Ricotta is, by far, the most popular milk by-product in the Rimini region.

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