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Formaggi freschi

Pasteurised cow’s milk, soft and rindless cheese. It is cylindrical in shape, slightly convex and low in height (3-4 cm). It is white and has tones tending to cream with a few extra days of maturation. The cheese is compact and moist. There are regular, mediumlarge holes with a few gaps.
Cerasolo has delicate aromas and long-lasting fresh and acidic flavours. The recommended serving temperature is 10-12°C in order to best enjoy its delicacy. The accompanying wine must complement and heighten this cheese’s flavours, so an elegant, young and full-bodied white wine is recommended.
Match it with a white Rubicone from Romagna to keep things regional. No maturation.


Raw materials


  • Cow's milk
  • Salt
  • Rennet
  • Milk
Tagli, modelli, pesi e quantità

Item weight: 1 kg
Shelf life: 15 days

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