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Cheese made from cow’s milk only. It is cylindrical in shape, slightly convex and low in height (8-10 cm). Ca’ciotta is a semi-soft cheese with a soft, thin and clean rind. It is mother-of-pearl white in colour. There are regular, medium-large holes and the rind is edible. Maturation: 30-45 days. The delicate aromas with the harmoniously rich, soft and sweet flavours confirm the quality of the milk from our dairies. Food and wine matching: given the slight maturation and sweetish tendency, Ca’ciotta can be matched with a light red wine with a subtle acidity and fruity bouquet. It can be used as an ingredient in making wraps, vol au vent and light, tasty dishes or served simply with vegetables.


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Net weight: 1.6 kg
Number of pcs. per box: 6
Shelf life: 3 months

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