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Vini rossi

From the 50 hectares of Sangiovese vineyards, located in the heart of the community and cultivated with organic methods, only the best grapes are chosen for making Avi. The Guyot training system keeps the Sangiovese vines exuberance under control. Vineyard management operations are all done by the young residents of the community, from pruning to crop thinning (which limits average yield per vine to about 1 kg).

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Materie prime

Harvest: In September when the grapes are perfectly ripe. Further bunch sorting in the cellar ensures that only the best go on to begin fermentation.
Wine-making: The Avi wine-making process is geared to preserving the special qualities and typicality of a vine we particularly cherish. Malolactic completely done.Available bottle sizes:0.750 l, Magnum 1.5 l, Double Magnum 3 l.
Alcoholic strength:Presumable 13,5%, (variability depends on the conditions of the vintage).

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