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The winery of San Patrignano is surrounded by 110 hectares of vineyard. Above all thanks to the commitment and dedication of 1400 residents who live on this land, San Patrignano as well as being a winery is also a community of recovery.

Classic method of sparkling wine with 36 months of the yeasts.

Original and with a strong character, offering fruity and juicy suggestions of Golden Delicious apples and intense spicy hints of yeast and crusty bread, expressing overall a broad and heterogeneous bouquet.
Persuasive in the mouth, revealing a splendid touch of acidity that adds determination to its elegance.
Compact persistence of flavours, with a finely balanced finish.
Avenir has a distinct minerality, and great versatility in pairings.
Its sparkle is fine, lively and refined.

Combined great salmon tartare and raw scampi, egg tagliolini pasta with tomatoes and lobster, grilled scallops and crustaceans, or beef carpaccio with extra virgin olive oil.


Serve more than just wine.

€ 16,00


Materie prime

Production area: Coriano (Rimini)
Classification: Quality sparkling wine, brut, classical traditional method.
Type:Chardonnay e Pinot noir
Vineyards: Two hectares dedicated to the cultivation of these grapes. Chalky clay soil, using vines trained with the Guyot system.
Vinification: True to tradition, after being attentively selected in the vineyard, grapes are pressed without removing their stalks, giving a must yield of 50%.The free-run juice is cooled rapidly and kept away from air to prevent oxidation, and is then fermented at low temperatures.
Ageing: When winter ends, the liqueur de tirage is prepared, which will be bottled together with the wine to trigger the secondary fermentation process. After the wine has been left on the lees for a lengthy period, the bottles are placed on pupitre racks prior to manual riddling. This is followed by the traditional degorging process, and the addition of the liqueur d’expédition.
Alcohol content: 12.5%
Capacity: 0.75 l.
Serving temperature: 8 - 9 ° C

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