Aulente Bianco


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Vini bianchi

Seventeen hectares on a hill overlooking the sea, at an altitude of 200 m, on calcareous/clay soil, managed with the natural principles of the organic agriculture. The spur pruned cordon training system is used in the Sauvignon vineyards planted in 1997 with 4600 vines per hectare, and in the more recent Chardonnay vineyards (2003) planted with 6600 vines per hectare.


Raw materials

Harvest: The grapes are harvested by hand, mainly in August. The bunches are carefully sorted then taken immediately to the cellar.
Wine-making: Soft-pressing and slow, lowtemperature fermentation. Aged in steel.
Available bottle sizes:0.750 l.
Alcoholic strength: Presumable 13%, (variability depends on the conditions of the vintage).

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