The Kennels of San Patrignan

The kennel of San Patrignano hosts 70 subjectsof which 25 purebred labrador,in training for assisted pet therapy and 45 mestizos , from the kennels of the province and by animal welfare organizations for adoption.
The animals are ownerless, abandoned, housed in the kennels of the Community. 18 of them come from the kennel of Fagnano (Novafeltria) damaged by recent winter snowfalls, 4 are greyhounds "galgo" brought to San Patrignano by the SOS greyhounds an oranization that helps save these animals after competeing in reserve races throughout Spain.

On the subject of pet therapy The Community of San Patrignano has developed its own professionalism thats been activative for four years now in the field of professional training for dog trainers to support social handicaps. The results of these investments in professionalism were favorable and currently the group cynophilist of San Patrignano intervenes in assisted therapy programs in collaboration with ANFFAS (National Association of Families Fanciulli Adults Subnormal) in Trento, and other programs of various Italian provinces. Within the Community we raise and train dogs and simultaneously maintain continuous exchange of information and update with industry experts, so that the quality of work done is always at the forefront social needs.

The labrador retriever

Fabulous examples of The Labrador Retriever from the great family farming breeds of Aprusa have been with the kennels of San Patrignano since 2001 that we started to breed, leaving the Great Danes, to dedicate ourselves to a new breed.

The Labrador is a dog that, beyond the aesthetic characteristics, has by nature a beautiful character that combines to perfect form. It is an ideal companion, who loves to play games; is very loyal to the family and is always attentive and obedient; has a strong attention and respect for man. Qualities essential for our kids, but also for those who have children and are looking for a friend for them. It's definitely one of the breeds most suitable for the dialogue between man and animal that is central to the recovery path of marginalized and drug addicted people.

The enthusiasm of the residents has meant that, by now, there is a growing interest nourished every day for the care and breeding of this extraordinary animal. Moreover, financially helping the community, since our litters are extremely popular.

The Labrador is a great puppy, matures rather late, after two years. It's never afraid and having fun in all situations. It's also a great retriever, also suitable for hunting in the marsh and has the ability to work in perfect harmony with his master. The passion of the residents of San Patrignano for this breed stimulates them to breed only a few litters a year, paying particular attention to hereditary disorders of the breed, with the aim to select subjects of classical type, correct morphology, good character and natural instincts for work.

San Patrignano runs with greyhounds

I ragazzi di San Patrignano con i levrieri

They call them "end of career". They are greyhounds, lucher, galgo , with a past of masters who never gave them love, subservient to the environments of the Anglo-Saxon betting races, or the Spanish hunting tradition. San Patrignano association with Sos Greyhounds "runs" to the aid of these animals. Helping them to find a family willing to adopt them. Hosting them in the meantime within its structure where already mixed-breeds sent by municipal kennels live happily.

Activated by a brutal interest, breeders of greyhounds for racing and hunting plan the litters in a systematic exploitation of the breeds.

Half of those born are "discarded" ie killed immediately. Growing up, a quarter of the remaining specimens were eliminated
because they were inadequate by the expectations of those who bred them. And for the animals being very healthy. They are specimens to be exploited, abused, forced into a very short life with a sad epilogue of abandonment and death.

In order to stop this barbarism, San Patrignano and Sos Greyhounds will offer shelter and hospitality to dogs from England, Ireland and Spain. So far they have four greyhounds "galgo's" brought to San Patrignano association by Sos Greyhounds after being exploited in hare hunting in Spain. Soon it will reach 10, including greyhounds and galgo's.

Come discover the greyhounds we already have on offer for adoption.

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