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San Patrignano is now one of the most important wineries of Emilia Romagna. The production of red wines, white wines, sparkling classic wines and Charmat. This is thanks to the dedication of our winemaker Riccardo Cotarella and the 1,400 residents who work and live on the lands.

An extraordinary opportunity on social occasions to tell a story of a wine with a great history and great value to life.

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A wine that means life.

The winery of San Patrignano is located in the green hills of Rimini, surrounded by 110 hectares of vineyard. Among the most famous and vast cellars in Emilia Romagna are engaged in the production of red, white, sparkling classic method and Charmat. Above all thanks to the commitment and dedication of 1400 residents who live on this land.

We have always aimed for excellence through the production of top-quality grapes. Vineyards of the beautiful rolling hills of
Rimini, demonstrate the ability of our land.

Each plant is followed step by step in in its lifecycle process, are in fact use of stripping operations and thinning out of clusters in order to have lower yields but higher concentrations of quality.

In the cellar is where the quality of wine is perfected and are aged in casks and oak barrels. The guys are followed by Riccardo Cotarella, one of the most prestigious name in the national and international wine scene, since 1997 has supported the professional growth of the guys of our winery.

Many awards won by our wines: Guide Veronelli, The Wine Advocate, Guide AIS, Gambero Rosso.
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Serve more than just wine

Montepirolo Red Wine - Cellar San Patrignano

Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Cabernet Franc.

€ 16,00
Avenir Vino Spumante Classico - Cantina San Patrignano

Quality sparkling wine, brut, classical traditional method.

€ 16,00
Ora Red Wine - Cellar San Patrignano

Ora DOC Sangiovese di Romagna Superiore

€ 10,00

Vie IGT Bianco Rubicone

€ 10,00

Romagna Sangiovese DOC Superiore

€ 10,00
Noi Red Wine - Cellar San Patrignano

Sangiovese, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot

€ 10,00
Start Sparkling Wine - Cellar San Patrignano

Start Sparkling Wine Sangiovese

€ 9,00

IGT Rosso Rubicone

€ 7,50

Aulente bianco IGT Bianco Rubicone

€ 7,50

IGT Rosso Rubicone cabernet franc

avi wine - san patrignano

DOC Sangiovese di Romagna Sup. Riserva

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