Butchery products San Patrignano

Our farm has a total of 200 head of free-range reared Mora Romagnola breed pigs and has been recognized and certified by the Slow Food organization. Also of particular importance is the recovery of the Brinato® breed pig, a cross between the Mora Romagnola and Large White breeds. The meats are all produced at the rehabilitation centre and cured in Botticella. San Patrignano has also achieved excellent results in breeding Chianina cattle and cattle that are crosses between other prestigious breeds.

Monitored by experts and our own Quality Control team, the pork butchery section follows ancient rules and guidelines to ensure our products, which use neither artificial colourings nor added sugars, offer the very best in terms of fragrance and flavour.

Mora's Salame - San Patrignano

The intensity of its aromas comes from the selection of the best trimmings of cured ham...

Mora's lard - San Patrignano

Obtained from the fat located on the back part of the pig, it is cured by being hung...

Mora's Guanciale - San Patrignano

Also called Gola Stagionata, it is obtained from the pig’s cheek and throat.

Mora's Bacon - San Patrignano

The meat from the pig’s belly, distinguished by successive layers of lean and fat...

Mora's Lombetto or Lonza - San Patrignano

Easily recognisable for the almost total lack of fatty parts and the colour of the lean parts...

Mora's Coppa - San Patrignano

The lean parts alternating with pinky fat marbling give our Coppa the distinctively delicate aroma...

Pork's Culatello - San Patrignano

Obtained from the upper rear part of the pig’s leg, Culatello is made by only curing the rear muscle...

Pork's Cooked Ham - San Patrignano

Obtained by the best legs of our BRINATO porks.

Pork’s Ham - San Patrignano

The legs from a cross between the Mora Romagnola and Large White pig breeds are coated...

Mora’s Ham - San Patrignano

Only the most impressive and selected legs of this precious ancient breed become hams...

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